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This 1966 Ford Mustang (chassis 6R07C191642) pick-up is said to be one of 50 built, though others seem to think far fewer were made, perhaps even as little as seven. A semi-official Ford offering, these oddities were modified by a Beverly Hills-based dealer with approval from Dearborn, and though the seller refers to this one as a “Mustang Coupe Ranchero,” the official name of Mustero was no more elegant. The lack of a tailgate, a small, fiberglass bed and huge $6,500 asking price (nearly $5k more than a 289 Ranchero, and just $500 shy of a 427 Cobra) couldn’t have helped sales, but despite this one’s rather disjointed color scheme doing its best to disguise it, styling wasn’t at all bad. This one’s been restored to original colors and retains its rebuilt, factory-original 289, but modern seats and instruments are a bit of a letdown.
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